How do you stay better?

Education!  The Pilates PT wants to help you understand your own body.  Learn what works for you, what doesn't work for you, and how to self manage when needed.

More options!  The Pilates PT teaches specialty workshops and classes in the Libertyville area- click here for more details.  


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​​Do you have difficulty finding or strengthening your core?

Are you hesitant or fearful to start or return to exercise?

Get the attention and instruction you need from private Pilates sessions.​  Pilates is a type of exercise that focuses on core strength, posture, body awareness, and muscle balance.  The equipment is the best starting place as it can be adapted to assist or to challenge you.  This is why Pilates is appropriate for a wide variety of ages and fitness levels.  Pilates teaches you how to find the important, smaller postural muscles that are commonly ignored.  These muscles and proper movement patterns are important for rehabilitation, decrease the risk of future injury, and can even enhance athletic performance.  The benefits of Pilates can be very powerful when performed correctly.  

Does pain keep you from doing the activities you love?

Do you have a chronic injury that won't go away?  Or goes away and keeps coming back?

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Give your friends and family the gift of wellness

You need a solution that relieves your pain and restores your function.  We strive to identify the root of the problem, improve mobility and strength, and educate you.  All sessions are one on one- no unsupervised exercise or double booking- so the focus is on getting YOU better!