Postpartum Services

We offer two specific Postpartum services which are perfect for any new mom cleared to exercise-- as well as not-so-new moms who feel they never reconnected with their core.    

Make sure to reconnect with your post-baby body.    Take care of yourself in order to take care of your family!   Postpartum is forever- it is never too late to make changes in your body!  Here are some free resources to get you started, and then check out our postpartum services below.

  • Video for how to self check for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)

Mommy Tune Up
A Mommy Tune Up is recommended at 6 weeks postpartum or later (could be years later).   This is a great starting place to reconnect with your core.  A Physical Therapist will screen for common postpartum issues such as Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation), check core strength, discuss any issues/concerns, go through some exercises, and make recommendations for your specific needs.  This is a wellness service and is not covered by insurance.  If you have pain, we recommend starting by scheduling a free Discovery session.  Cost is $99, this is for new clients or for current/past clients that are 1.5 months- 1 year postpartum.  

Postpartum Pilates Class

This is a perfect class for new moms (once cleared to exercise)- as well as moms who feel they never reconnected with their core after childbirth.  A combination of exercise and education- learn how to lift/hold your baby/child, what to do for c-section/abdominal scars, check for Diastasis Recti, & more.  PLUS reconnect with your abdominals and pelvic floor using the Pilates equipment (and learn some exercises to practice at home).   Class is limited to 4 people in order to provide personalized attention.  This 2 week class series also includes a video to watch at home.  Cost is $99.   Find class dates/times and sign up here.

Just for Mom Gift Certificate

The PERFECT gift for new moms!  This special Just for Mom gift certificate can be used for a Mommy Tune Up OR Postpartum Pilates class and can be purchased here.  We also have general gift certificates that can be used towards Physical Therapy, Pilates, classes, or workshops.