Small group classes

Start with our signature class Pilates 101 and then you can progress to Pilates 201.  Also now offering Postpartum Pilates classes.

"I have been a lifelong athlete, fitness lover, and fitness professional.  After just two private sessions,  I am completely rethinking my form and feeling a difference in the way my muscles fire.  Total believer!  - Lindsey L.  

Strengthen.  Lengthen.  Learn.

Pilates is a type of exercise that focuses on core strength, posture, body awareness, and muscle balance.  The equipment is the best starting place as it can be adapted to assist or to challenge you.  This is why Pilates is appropriate for a wide variety of ages and fitness levels.  Pilates teaches you how to find the important, smaller postural muscles that are commonly ignored.  These muscles and proper movement patterns are important for rehabilitation, decrease the risk of future injury, and can even enhance athletic performance.  The benefits of Pilates can be very powerful when performed correctly. 

Specialty Workshops & Classes


*Core Connections

*Core & Pelvic Floor

*Women's Wellness Talk

*Yoga & Pelvic Floor

& more


Massage & Movement

An introductory offer for new clients only.  

A 30 minute private Pilates session & a 30 minute massage with Precision Wellness for $70.  Gift certificates also available.

Private sessions

The ideal setting for personalized attention in order to address your needs and work towards your goals on the Pilates equipment.   

​​Private Pilates pricing: 
With Dr. Rachel Miller, Physical Therapist, certified Pilates instructor, & Founder of The Pilates PT:

$125 per 55 minute session.  

Packages:  4 sessions for $480 or 8 sessions for $960.  Contact us at or call to schedule.